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How To Deal With An Abandoned Car On Your Property

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If you have an abandoned car on your property, there are certain steps you need to take before disposing of it. First, you’ll need to be certain that the vehicle has been abandoned and that there are no outstanding liens on it – you can find out at the local government registry office. Next, you’ll need to make sure that the vehicle isn’t leaking any oil or fluids – if so, contact the local department of transportation right away to file a report and arrange clean-up services.

Put up signs

Finding a person or company who removes abandoned vehicles can be tricky. Put up signs around your neighbourhood, post them in community center or library bulletin boards, and ask anyone who might know about good companies for removing abandoned cars in Sydney. You could even call some of these people and get feedback from them. 

Make sure you leave a contact number so that when someone has found a solution they can reach you easily to coordinate pickup and payment. When talking with removal companies, give them as much information as possible: what kind of car it is (sedan or suv), if there are any personal items inside, if it’s got any special features (sunroof, etc.), and where exactly it is located—they may need directions. 

A “Uncollected Good certificate” is also asked by the car removal Companies and you can it easily from your local council. This is a legal certificate which will help you in removing junk car.

Contact NSW Police

When it comes to dealing with abandoned vehicles, contacting NSW Police is usually the first step in removing a vehicle from private property. However, when you call police about abandoned cars that are registered in your name, you may be asked to pay for any costs associated with removing and storing a vehicle. 

Abandoned cars aren’t really a police matter—most of what we do as law enforcement agents happens outside of normal business hours. Police don’t set aside extra funding or personnel specifically for dealing with abandoned vehicles, so they won’t make special trips just because someone is driving an old clunker up and down their street.

What are the laws for Abandoned cars in NSW?

Abandoned vehicles are dealt with by local councils across NSW. Each council is responsible for enforcing their own legislation, so you may need to contact them directly to find out what they do in relation to abandoned vehicles and how you can apply for removal. 

Most councils will have information available online and will be able to refer you to a relevant person who can answer specific questions about process and enforcement. It’s worth bearing in mind that even if you don’t think a vehicle looks abandoned (i.e., it has all its windows intact, or it appears to just be waiting outside your house), there may still be reasons why it has been parked where it is. 

But whether or not something looks abandoned doesn’t really matter; just report it to your council and let them decide whether action needs to be taken. Your best bet is simply always to report any vehicle you believe might fit into one of these categories so that nothing slips through the cracks.

What if it's been there more than 7 days?

According to section 459C of the Local Government Act 1989, if a vehicle has been abandoned for more than 7 days it may be removed. You should notify Council of your intention to have it removed and advise when you think it will be removed. 

The following information must also be given: The make, model and registration details (if any) of the abandoned vehicle; The date that you discovered that it was abandoned; The date that you intend to remove it; Where or how you propose to store it (or where it is currently stored); Details about any attempts made by law enforcement agencies or authorised officers from another council/authority responsible for its removal; Any other relevant matters.

I want to sell my abandoned car- what should I do?

If you have a car that you no longer require and would like to sell it, you can advertise it online. The top selling sites for used cars are Junk Cars Removals Sydney and Scrap Car Removals Sydney. You can also try selling it in a newspaper classifieds section or by word of mouth. However, there may be times when giving away your vehicle becomes necessary.

Contact us for Abandoned Cars NSW

The most important step you can take is contacting us at Junk Cars Removals Sydney for abandoned car removal. Contacting Junk Car Removal Sydney for abandoned car removal will eliminate any potential liability and allow you to dispose of it quickly, conveniently, and legally. 

We’ll be able to give you a quote based on our experience and provide clear instructions that are easy to follow. To avoid making mistakes in identifying abandoned cars, we suggest that you contact Junk Car Removal Sydney so we can help identify it as such. Our highly trained professionals are well equipped to help identify abandoned vehicles and know how they affect residents in NSW. 

We perform all necessary searches and research, including speaking with local authorities like police or local councils if applicable to ensure you’re only dealing with junk cars left behind by owners who do not want them anymore, which makes removing junk cars from your yard or land much easier for everyone involved – especially if an abandoned vehicle has been sitting there so long that its registration has expired or changed hands several times after having been sold by licensed auto dealerships.


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